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About Nomad Cook

This is a project for foodies and travelers that tries to show how food could bring people together. My name is Luis Hernández, some people know me as Juwe Takeheshi.

I’m a nomad, originally from Mexico; I’m traveling and living out of a backpack with a laptop, a DSLR camera, a microphone, a small tripod, running shoes and running gear, walking shoes, 3 shirts and 4 t-shirts, 1 pair of jeans, underwear enough for 7 days, flip flops, a wind/waterproof jacket, another red jacket (I was traveling in the cold of Patagonia fall and winter), a travel pillow, a thermo and a couple of little bags with pills and bathroom amenities, outlet adapters, sunglasses, earphones, a tea filter, a notebook, a book that my sister gave me as a gift, a jumping rope, an electric razor, and last but not least, two bow ties.

I chose this minimal way of life even when I was renting an apartment in Seattle. Most of the furniture I got was second hand or bought from a thrift store, I like minimalism and not developing an attachment to possessions. I believe in this way of life as a way to improve this world.

As in other travelers, my wanderlust wasn’t fulfilled as much as I wanted, so I decided to talk with my boss, and we agreed on a schema. Me working remotely while traveling around the world. So, besides my belongings shown above, I also took with me some duties and hit the road. Instead of paying an apartment’s rent, I was paying for hostels and renting rooms in shared apartments. I was staying in a city for a month or two, planning where to go next.

My tools to make an impact

I’ve always been an amateur photographer, but recently I started developing the taste for content creation, specifically video content, and I’ve been making some random videos to practice on that but at some point I got the point where I realized I needed more than just beautiful shots of nature or cities in order to create real content, so I decided to put together the things I like the most; traveling, cooking and connecting with people.

I’ll be creating and uploading videos from my cooking experiences along the way with the people I meet there. Trying to leave something good behind, either a good conversation or some help specifically needed at the moment.

Kindness and compassion

I believe people are kind and friendly no matter where you go. So far, I’ve been witnessing this during this trip. I’ve been staying for long periods of time in the cities I’ve visited. I have connected with many people, each one of them in a very particular way. No matter where are we from, nor what do we do for a living.

There are some catches about this lifestyle, though. Which I’ll mention in the future. I know this way of living is not for everyone, but I hope it can show you the world through my experiences. Maybe you decide to join the global community of nomads roaming all around the place? No sweat, I don’t want to convince you, I just want to share this adventure with you all so, take a seat, and provecho!!

If you want to meet up and drink a cup of coffee or a pint of beer, want to know more about this project, or you want to cook with me please give me a shout. And if you see me on the street, say hi!


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